summer skin care diary

We Asked Dermatologist Dr Tauhida Rahman Ereen to Share Her Summer Skincare Journey. Here’s What She Said

Skin type: Oily; sensitive
concern :hydration and anti-aging
Approach: I am very selective and particular about my products and pay close attention to ingredients. Before choosing any skin care product I have to make sure all my products are lightweight, oil-free, non greasy and water based.

Step 1 cleansing

I prefer Mild gentle, foaming soap free gel appearance cleanser. It’s packed with purified water, lactic acid, vitamin E, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate. I believe in double cleansing especially at night and when I wear make up . For me less is more , so I usually Wear minimal facial makeup. For deep cleansing I exfoliate my face with a gentle gel micro bead exfoliator twice weekly. It combines, Panthenol ,AHAs, BHAs,Azelac acid derivatives, Polyethylene microgranules for an effective, yet gentle exfoliation. My all cleansers respect my skin’s ph balance, restore moisture.

Step 2 moisturization
I rely on my hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid enrich facial serum. This quickly absorbed oil free time releasing serum hydrate , moisturize deep layer of my skin and protect its Barrier. I have recently included Overnight sleeping mask in my night Skin Care Regimen. I’m typically a fan of its gel texture . My sleeping mask contains antioxidant, arbutin, niacinamide, tranexamic acid, sodium hyaluronate, garden pea extract, which help rejuvenate, repair, and brighten the skin.

Step 3 protection

I am also a huge advocate for sunscreen. My spf 50 PA +++ broad spectrum sunscreen is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E, pantothenol, niacinamide, zinc , titanium oxide, dimethicome, purified water and many more.
it is not only skin damaging rays like UVA, UVB, IFRA RAYS protector but also doubles as a makeup primer. This Matte finish with no white cast product feels silky on my skin. I complement my lips with lip balm or lipstick with SPF. Remember The lips are incredibly sun-sensitive as the skin on the lips is much thinner and delicate than the rest of the face.
Additional tips :
I take 10,000 steps , 15 minutes yoga including face yoga on daily basis. It boosts my metabolism, make my body toned , trimmed .
Hydration is the key so I aim for 10 glasses of water, 1 glass of coconut water , 1 glass detox drink a day.
I am a tea person. ginger, green , lemon or cinnamon tea really perks me up.

  • This is my simple very own summer skin care journey . Stay hydrated radiant and age grace fully